Annual Final Year GE-MB Student Project Grants

(Developing Professional Practice)

SDMF awards up to a maximum of £500 annually directly from its Charity Fund to final year Medical Students. The overall total is £2500 and this money is used to fund their research projects. This award is given on a competitive basis which is independently scored and is presented to the students with the top aggregate scores.


Student Award winners 2014-2015

Rosie Byars - Title:  A comfort blanket for dementia patients.

Daniel Chapman - Title: Comparison of pyrocarbon interposition athroplasty to trapeziectomy in base of thumb arthritis.

Ruth Collins - Title:  Impact of pre-existing medical conditions on survival after trauma.

Alex Copping  - Title: Nasal douching and patient compliance.

Ricia Gwenter -Title: Global metabolite profiling in urine and serum from ADHD subjects.

Adam Hill - Title:  “The Face of it”.

Andrew Hyde and Matthew Staff (joint approach)  - Title: Creating a realistic, interactive video-based ALS training simulator.

Cara Morgan  -Title:  Statistical modelling of predictive biomarkers in head and neck cancer.

Sam Soul and Patrick Sarkies (joint approach) - Title: Immunoglobins and complement in grey matter pathology in progressive multiple sclerosis.

Matt Spencer - Title: Devising a board game to aid revision for medical students.


Student Award winners 2015 – 2016

Leah Gray - Title: Service Evaluation of Swansea Rape and Sexual Assault Helpline.

Amber Wheatly -Title: Investigating the clinical application of augmented reality in patient education on mechanisms of injury in fractures.

Danielle Montiel, Nicholas Newton and Mared Thomas – Title: Patients’ understanding and education in the better management of chronic pain.


Student Award winners 2016 – 2017


Marianne Broderick and Christopher Norbury. - Title: Professional identity transitions in medical students.

Caryl E Richards - Title:  Efficacy of Radiation Dose Reduction Strategies in CTCA.

Daniel Warrell - Title: To create copyright free educational resource videos.

James Wilcoxon - Title: Hardcopy versus electronic revision aids: medical student preference.

Laura Bremner - Title: Characterising new neurone formation in a model of Down’s syndrome.

Stacey Green - Title : Patient leaflet/booklet and associated web resource on use of IPED.


Student Award winners 2017 – 2018


Naina Verma and Hannah John - Title: To enhance education around chronic fatigue syndrome/ Myalgic Encephalopathy (CFS/ME).

R Fulton - Title: Developing Professional Practice Funding Proposal.

Sam Tarassoli - Title: Bioink optimisation – Investigating crosslinking methods and additives.

Emily Jones - Title: The specialty choices of medical students and practitioners - factors that influence choice.


Student Award winners 2018 – 2019


Oliver Purnell - Title: An inter-disciplinary literature review and conversations towards understanding the influence of wilderness on one’s state of mind